Customer Reviews


Ozilia King

I've had the opportunity to consume some of the delicious treats made by AK Goodies. You get the taste you desire, and of course, their prices are reasonable and affordable. The clock is ticking, make your order today, you won't regret it. 


Jemmisa Graneau-Gumbs

The brownies are nice servings of moist, chocolaty goodness and the oatmeal cookies are delectable crunchy morsels. I loved the treats prepared by Kyrone and his Wife. They are something to look forward to.


Catherine Brooks

I am not a lover of cookies, however, the cookies made by AK Goodies tasted great and the texture was perfect. You must try them out, you will not be disappointed. I guarantee you an everlasting taste sensation.

Charles Webster.jpeg

Charles Webster (Rondie)

The kurma I purchased from AK Goodies tasted wonderful, I enjoyed every bite. I kept picking so they don't finish but eventually they did. I commend AK Goodies for their great work and I will definitely purchase more items. Don't miss out, get yours today.