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Chocolate Chip Cookies
Plain Cheese Cake

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We offer a variety of delicious, crunchy, mouth watering and eye catching goodies that will make you keep coming back for more. After a few bites, you're definitely hooked. We take pride in what we do and will always provide the best, whether it's a party, wedding, conference or household gathering, whatever the case may be. It's time to experience The Ultimate Taste Sensation embedded deep within our delicious goodies.

Allianne Smith


A dedicated and loyal person, always doing and giving her best no matter what she's faced with. She is a lover of cooking and a very passionate person when it comes to trying new things, especially new recipes.


Allianne has the special touch for finger foods as well, definitely delicious and tasty, you must taste her hand. Although she has a big passion for information technology, her passion for baking and cooking is exceptional and professional.

Manager & Baker
Kyrone Smith


Always ready and willing to get the job done, whether it's mixing dough or cutting onions and peppers, whatever the task may be. When you need the ingredient, it's there and ready to be used, not to forget, when the pan is needed, it's there as well. Managers do not only delegate but also get involved in the process. With quick prep work and passionate bakers, wonders will happen in the kitchen.

Co-Manager & Baker
Kyrone Smith.jpeg
Rosa Smith


She's always ready to do whats necessary to get the task accomplished in the most efficient way. When it comes to baking and cooking, her passion and dedication is seen from every angle, these are things she will never get tired of doing. She also enjoys discovering and trying new recipes. If something seems to be off, she will always find a way to get it back on track, even if it means sacrificing her personal time and resources. With this kind of dedication and willingness to get things done, AK Goodies will definitely be a success.

Supervisor & Baker