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Chocolate Chip Cookies

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We offer a variety of delicious, crunchy, mouth watering and eye catching goodies that will make you keep coming back for more. After a few bites, you're definitely hooked. We take pride in what we do and will always provide the best, whether it's a party, wedding, conference or household gathering, whatever the case may be. It's time to experience The Ultimate Taste Sensation embedded deep within our delicious goodies.

Allianne Smith


A dedicated and loyal person, always doing and giving her best effort no matter the circumstance. Her leadership skills far exceeds one's expectations, and as a baker, this is definitely demonstrated and seen. She shows true passion and professionalism when in the kitchen, especially when it comes to trying new recipes. Allianne has a special touch for finger foods, very delicious and tasty, you must taste her hand. Although she loves information technology, her passion for baking is exceptional and will only increase. These characteristics, when demonstrated, makes AK Goodies stand out from other competitors.

Business Manager
Kyrone Smith


He always does what's necessary to get the job done, whether it's preparing ingredients, mixing dough, shaping and panning, packaging items, delivering orders, whatever the task may be. He has a strong belief that managers should not only delegate but also get involved in the process from time to time. He is responsible for all marketing and website related tasks and he ensures that things are done efficiently and on time. It is with no doubt, that with the right strategies put into action, AK Goodies will definitely excel to greater heights.

Co-Manager / Marketing Manager
Kyrone Smith.jpeg
Rosa Smith


Always ready to do whats necessary to get the task accomplished in the most efficient way. When it comes to baking and cooking, her passion and dedication is seen from every angle, these are things she will never get tired of doing. She also enjoys trying new recipes when discovering them and putting her own twist to them. If something seems to be off, she will always find a way to get it back on track, even if it means sacrificing her personal time and resources. With this kind of dedication and willingness to get things done, AK Goodies will definitely be successful beyond measure.